Zarino Zappia

Designer, mySociety

Zarino is part of the two-person design team behind mySociety – a small UK charity with a big impact. They build and popularise tools and websites that help citizens hold their representatives to account. You might know their big sites like FixMyStreet and WhatDoTheyKnow in the UK, but they also build and run sites, and work with partners, in dozens of countries all over the world.

Design for the Developing World

17:31 | Filmed on 9th November 2017 at Dot York 2017

We have years of experience building intuitive, performant websites for countries as far flung as Kenya, Uganda, Iran, and the Maldives.

Building a product for the developing world requires a change in approach from everyone in your organisation – visual and UX designers, front-end developers, programmers, and project managers must understand it’s not business as usual.

But it isn’t just about the developing world – lots of the best practices mySociety applies with our international projects are equally useful when you want to design accessible, progressive websites for visitors closer to home.

In our talk, we want to share our experiences of designing successful sites in the developing world. From understanding the technologies, demographics, and cultural values of your target audience, to working with multiple languages, spotting performance bottlenecks, and gathering feedback from remote partners.

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