Tom Phillips

Journalist & Author

Tom Phillips is a journalist and author. He is the Editor of Full Fact, the UK’s independent factchecking charity. Previously he was Editorial Director of BuzzFeed UK, where (in addition to reporting on serious issues, and writing jokes) he led a award-nominated team of developers creating innovative new editorial formats. Before that, he helped create and launch Trinity Mirror’s highly influential digital-only outlet UsVsTh3m, and has also worked for MSN and Metro, and in television development. His first book, HUMANS: A BRIEF HISTORY OF HOW WE F*CKED IT ALL UP, is published on July 26.

Tackling Misinformation in an Open Society

21:58 | Filmed on 4th October 2018 at DotYork 2018

Everybody’s panicking about online misinformation these days - but how bad is the problem, what does it actually look like, and how can we tackle it? The editor of the UK’s leading independent factchecking organisation Full Fact explains how some of the cures could be worse than the disease, how their work in machine learning and automated factchecking can help, and why they would very much like it if you could stop saying “fake news”.

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