Tejay White

Product Owner

Tejay is a Product Owner at Tribal, a global solutions provider for the education sector. She is responsible for ontrack - a suite of web and mobile applications designed to support staff and students in achieving the best possible outcomes. Prior to this, Tejay had her own company for 8 years, contracting in web design and development, e-learning development and UX. She is a lead instructor for CodeFirst: Girls, and is one of Tech North’s Northern Voices.

How to Win at Mornings

15:29 | Filmed on 9th November 2017 at Dot York 2017

We all know of people who like to tell anyone and everyone how they wake up at 5 am in order to fit in their two hour gym session, Mongolian language class and astral meditation before doing a full day’s work, looking after the kids, and only eating a hand-prepared Paleo diet - well I want to share how us ordinary mortals can make a viable morning routine to improve focus, productivity and happiness, and actually want to stick to it.

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