Simon Collison

Designer & Writer

Simon is a designer and writer based in Nottingham. Having spent two decades making digital products, he believes designers should bear a greater responsibility for what they create, and draw from a more diverse array of inputs. Simon is exploring the ways technology impacts our everyday lives, and how a post-digital image of nature can reconnect us with the living world. An early web standards advocate, he’s written several books, spoken all over the world, and recently relaunched the much-loved New Adventures conference.

Existing in Four Dimensions

20:50 | Filmed on 4th October 2018 at DotYork 2018

When we transcend our physical location through digital connections, we can be present in multiple spaces. There’s immense value there, but also much to be lost, not least in our weakening relationship to our immediate environment.

We increasingly prioritise digital identity and value the selfie, so it’s right we try to understand why, accept it, and look for positives. Simon wants everyone to reconnect with nature but gets frustrated with rhetoric around device addiction. He believes there’s much to be gained by collecting new digital experiences and being a part of multiple communities.

In some cases, the online world offers us the chance to be who we really want to be; to feel appreciated; to matter. Increasingly, it’s also the means to reconnect with a natural world we might easily lose.

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