Sarah Semark

Designer/Developer, Automattic

Sarah Semark is a designer, developer, and self-confessed introvert. After running a business for eight years, she now works for Automattic.

When she’s not busy making things, Sarah likes obsessing over typography, collecting impractical footwear, and exploring new places.

Empathy for Introverts

15:35 | Filmed on 9th November 2017 at Dot York 2017

Empathy is something of a buzzword of late, and it’s been proven to be instrumental in improving our personal and professional lives. But what if you just aren’t a people-person?

Don’t worry: empathy is a skill that anyone can learn. It just takes a little practise. Let’s learn how!

Performance Isn’t Just For Code

13:08 | Filmed on 8th June 2016 at DotYork 2016

“I think the process is just as important as the end result, and I’m always interested in improving my workflow in order to do better work, more efficiently.”

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