Rachel Liu

UX Lead

Rachel is a UX Lead at Pearson Education who is passionate about shaping the future of education by designing global learning products and services. She lives by Pearson’s motto of ‘always learning’, advocates a design-thinking mindset, and mentors kids to become design-thinkers at Design Club. She is also a mentor at UXPA and Career Foundry, has studied Food Innovation and Social Innovation, and always aspires to drive positive impact. She lived and travelled in far east Asia for 18 months before returning to London in 2015. Since then, she enjoys learning about different cultures in the form of stories, food, languages and art.

How Culture Shock Made Me a Better Designer and a Lifelong Learner

17:06 | Filmed on 9th November 2017 at Dot York 2017

People rarely talk about how culture shock can significantly impact us. Most of the time moving abroad is associated with excitement and exoticness and often any hurdles we are faced with are deemed insignificant. However, what happens when bridging the gap between Western and Eastern cultures becomes so overwhelming that it impacts on your physical and mental wellbeing? I will share my journey of how living in China was a challenging life experience and how it forced me to become a better designer and lifelong learner.

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