Paul Connell

Founder, ODI Leeds

Paul founded ODI Leeds - a pioneer node of the Open Data Institute based in Leeds - in 2013 with the vision of bringing open data and innovation to city-scale projects. In the four years since we started, we have worked on more than 25 projects from mapping urban commons and allotments to trying to solve the pressing problem of transport in the North. We are a small team with a big network, calling upon experienced developers, designers, and more when we need to. Our journey to commercial success is an unusual one, especially given our focus on civic quality - many of our projects start with problems that everyone faces.

Innovation with Open Data

17:35 | Filmed on 9th November 2017 at Dot York 2017

Innovation is not just the remit of large corporations or Silicon Valley starlets. Innovation is accessible to anyone if you only know how to frame it. You don’t require expensive equipment or days secluded in an office with pizza-on-dial. You simply need energy and a passion for change. I will talk about various projects and events that we’ve successfully completed at ODI Leeds and how they continue to develop months after.

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