Nic Hemley

Bristol Pound

Nic has been immersed in the world of finance and took the plunge into alt finance through his role as CTO at Bristol Pound. Since that time, he has been working on the next generation of the scheme, whilst at the same time running Bristech (conference and meetup, as well as a start-up Veridu ( who are delivering regulatory compliance to blockchain technologies. Do drop him a line at [email protected]

How to make a (really good) local currency

24:43 | Filmed on 4th October 2018 at DotYork 2018

In a world where fiat currency is dominant, yet cryptocurrencies are fast becoming ubiquitous, what is the nature of modern money, especially from regional and e-money perspectives?

In this talk, Nic will give a whirlwind tour of some of the key facets of Bristol Pound, a local currency that can boast beautiful paper pounds, e-money transactions and business loans to boot.

When designing a local currency, what are the key considerations? What is the challenge from Bitcoin and the like? What is liquidity and why should you care?

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