Jessica White

Software Developer

Jessica is a software developer with a strong interest in back-end development and all things monitoring. She originally found her passion for code while studying neuroscience, and since switching field hasn’t looked back. Outside of development Jessica is the founder of the Women In Tech Nottingham meetup group and organised the events from 2015 to 2017. She is easily bribed with coffee & loves hearing about other people’s experiences in technology.

Who Needs Dashboards?

16:10 | Filmed on 9th November 2017 at Dot York 2017

Who the heck needs dashboards? Yes, they are pretty and full of information but who has any use for them? Who understands them? How can you make sure they are fit for purpose?

Creating useful dashboards is difficult. Figuring out what information should be displayed, where and why can be confusing. A useful first step in getting this right is to know who your audience is. Who will be using this dashboard? What for? What do they care about?

Together we will explore some of the many forms of dashboards, from those that are of most use to developers to those that display higher level information for business’. We’ll examine why they are important and what situations they are most useful in.

No matter what your role within a company, there will be a type of dashboard that will dazzle you with it’s insights. Come along and find out which dashboard you need.

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