Ian Jindal

eCommerce Consultant

Ian Jindal is a consultant, publisher and advisor, working in eCommerce and multichannel retail. Ian cofounded and is Editor in Chief of InternetRetailing, the magazine, portal and conference for Europe’s etailers and multichannel retailers - www.internetretailing.net. Ian runs RetailX.net, the research company on multichannel performance, founded the European eCommerce Forum and authored the UK’s first MSc in Internet Retailing.

Thrive - it’s not enough to just survive

21:53 | Filmed on 4th October 2018 at DotYork 2018

Lessons from the edge of failure in Big Co

Mainstream big companies are under threat as their benefits of scale and process erode. The previous bargain of security and career progression in return for compliance and conformance is breaking down, and today’s workers increasingly look to running their own businesses - from conviction as much as necessity. Running a business has its challenges, but mere survival is an impoverished goal. Our aim should be to thrive, not simply to survive. From his 30 year experience at the edge of failure - in art galleries, publishers, the BBC and retail - Ian will consider the elements necessary for survival and, more importantly, that will help you thrive. Craft and Craftiness; Service and smiles; Authenticity and Purpose; cash and confidence; mental wellbeing and making the glass half full. Illustrated with examples from retail, brands and consumer businesses, Ian will track the individual, personal perspectives that allow entrepreneurs to thrive, not just survive.

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