Hannah Nicklin

Freelance Games Writer, Designer & Producer

Hannah Nicklin is a freelance writer, narrative designer, producer and performer who has worked in games, theatre, academia and community arts. She’s currently working as a writer and narrative designer with Die Gute Fabrik, and previously did narrative design/creative production for Twisted Tree Games (Ed Key’s of Proteus studio/label). She also writes critical articles in response to games and games culture, gives performance talks, produces zines, gives lectures, runs workshops, puts on and hosts events, and does consultancy on narrative games and the spaces where performance, games and play cross over.

Klondike: Lessons from a French Game Design Collective

19:46 | Filmed on 9th November 2017 at Dot York 2017

In late 2016 Hannah Nicklin spent time interviewing and hanging out with members from the French game design collective Klondike. She spoke with them about their work, how they work together, what the collective means to them, and wrote careful studies of 5 of the collective members’ practices, works and ideas. Klondike are a games collective, but put them next to other examples; Copenhagen Games Collective, Sokpop in the Netherlands, the Biome Collective in Dundee; and you might conclude ‘collective’ can mean any one of many different things. The word ‘collective’ is important precisely because it can mean many different things at once – it can be shared space and resources, it can be shared interests or objectives, it can be a kind of ‘label’ without all the business hangups of a ‘company’. And it also connects to a political and artistic history of people coming together as equals to make a space for making new things. This talk summarises 5 key lessons/ideas Hannah took from her time with the Klondikes. And what collectives might mean for people who make games. How can you Do It Yourself?

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