Charlotte Jackson

Charlotte is a front-end developer at Clearleft in Brighton and documents her learning journey on her website. To help others learn to code, Charlotte tutor at codebar and has remained in contact with University of Brighton course leaders and students since graduating in 2014. Away from the screen, Charlotte loves to travel and can usually be found close to mountains or the sea, photographing everything along the way.

My Learning Journey

31:47 | Filmed on 8th June 2016 at DotYork 2016

“As a web developer, I’m learning all the time. I need to know how to make my code work, but more importantly, I want to understand why my code works. I’ve learnt most of what I know from people sharing what they know and I love that I can now do the same. In my talk I want to share my highlights and frustrations of continuous learning, my experiences of working with a mentor and fitting it into my first year at Clearleft.”

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