Adam Warbuton

Head of Product at Co-op Digital

Adam is Head of Product at Co-op Digital, where he’s leading multidisciplinary teams to reimagine cooperativism in the 21st century. Adam specialises in Product Management, and has a fascination in behavioural economics and psychology, and how they influence the products we build and the products we use. Adam’s talk is rooted within this fascination; he’ll be discussing a product development technique called Jobs to be done, exploring human psyche and how our underlying needs and motivations remain unchanged over time.

Products come and go, but needs never change

17:18 | Filmed on 9th November 2017 at Dot York 2017

While the products we use over time evolve and change, our underlying needs remain reasonably static. If we truly understand the underlying needs, our ability to meet those needs in a meaningful way increases, right? In this talk, we’ll explore jobs-to-be-done as a technique to better understand user needs, and as a way to help us build better, more impactful products.

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