Isotoma working in partnership with Dot York

Monday 31st July 2017 by Rick Chadwick in DotYork

We’re excited to announce that DotYork has joined forces with Isotoma, the York based software development agency. Isotoma have been long term supporters of the event, attending and sponsoring every conference so far and even speaking at DotYork 2016, so when they offered their help it felt like a natural fit.

We’ve always thought DotYork was a great way to highlight our beautiful city and York’s rapidly growing digital community, and during conversations with Rick we realised that we had loads of ideas for future events and could offer Dot York the support it needed. We’re really excited about DotYork 2017 and are looking forward to future events in 2018 and beyond.

Andy Theyers, director and founder, Isotoma

Working with Isotoma on DotYork 2017 has already sparked some new ideas and with a bigger team we’re able to look at expanding the event, including workshops and an evening event this year, with who knows what to come in 2018

Rick Chadwick, DotYork

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