We’re taking a break

Friday 29th March 2019 by Rick Chadwick in 2018

Hello, it’s been a while…

I cannot believe it’s been almost six months since DotYork 2018. I have know idea where that time has gone but, it has.

We have an announcement to make. Normally, it’d be ‘DotYork 2019 is happening on this date, and here are some speakers’ but, not this year.

There will not be a DotYork conference in 2019 😥

We’re taking a break.

It’s been a tough decision but we’re confident it’s the right one. Over the past five years it’s taken a tremendous amount of my time to put on DotYork every year. Due to personal circumstances the amount of time I’d be able to give DotYork this year is limited and although it’s not just me involved anymore, we all feel we’d rather take a break than give it anything other than 100%.

Honestly, DotYork last year was tough, We think in terms of product, it was probably the best we’ve done but the run up was exhausting. Everything was more difficult, getting sponsors involved, finding the right speakers, selling tickets. It was all much more work than it has been in the past and it felt it, for the first time, DotYork wasn’t all that fun anymore.

Of course, the day itself made up for the stressful run-up but it has made us consider DotYork’s future. We don’t want it to end but some things need to change for it to continue (not least that for the past two years it’s made a loss).

We want to make the most of this time to think about DotYork, talk to people who’d like to be more involved and hopefully return with something in 2020.

That’s not to say we’re ruling out doing anything this year, there just won’t be a big conference. We’re already in discussions with our friends at Northern UX about another crossover event in the Summer and who knows what the rest of the year may bring.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who’s supported DotYork over the past six years and hopefully we’ll see you at a DotYork event in the future.

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I’m very please to say that all the videos of talks recorded at DotYork 2018 are now available for you to watch for free on our website and our YouTube channel. You’ll also find videos from the past three DotYork conferences.

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