The Amazon effect…

Tuesday 2nd October 2018 by United by Design in 2018

A guest blog post from York-based design studio United by Design

As Amazon is announced as the second $1 trillion company in the world, our ever-growing need for cheaper products, faster delivery and ultimate convenience has never been more apparent.

The evolution of e-commerce and digital retail has inevitably led to a rise in consumer expectation and therefore, a shift in consumer behaviour - making a considerable impact on our current commercial climate.

With the introduction of one-click ordering, same-day delivery and Prime membership, it is easy to see why Amazon has become the savvy shopper’s go-to site. Yet, regular reports of substandard working conditions still go relatively unnoticed. Why?

Is it time that we, as the consumer, take on some responsibility for this? Yes, we all love bagging a bargain, getting a deal and making a saving but at what societal cost?

Improving working conditions in Amazon ‘fulfilment centres’ would take collective pressure, but supporting good jobs policies, encouraging union drives and offering conditional business tax reductions could potentially be a good place to start.

Written by Laura Harford (Copywriter at United by Design)

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