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Airbnb, Uber and Deliveroo are changing our cities, Facebook and Twitter are changing our politics, while manufacturers and retailers are changing the climate. Everything we do has an impact on the world around us; do we have a responsibility to ensure our actions are “good”? And who gets to define “good”, anyhow? Our speakers will address issues of sustainability, ethics and impact, asking what’s important in our work and our day to day lives.


Thrive - it’s not enough just to survive: Lessons from the edge of failure in Big Co.

E-commerce advsior Ian Jindal will consider the elements necessary for survival and, more importantly, that will help you thrive. Craft and Craftiness; Service and smiles; Authenticity and Purpose; cash and confidence; mental wellbeing and making the glass half full.

Ian Jindal

eCommerce Consultant

The Power of Small Actions

Self-proclaimed activist Mary Clear will tell us how a small towns activities have created a world movement, based on kindness, sharing, and a philosophy of naughty but nice.

Mary Clear

Dreamer, Schemer, Activist.

The Crumbling Edge

Expert in vintage musical equipment, Dominic Sutton is particularly interest in the earliest moments of new tech - the true pioneers where the designers had no map and were making everything up as they went along. He’ll be bringing along some examples of these trail-blazers from when the first time digital entered the world of analogue music gear, and talking about what they do, telling some stories, and making some strange noises.

Dominic Sutton

Vintage Music Gear Expert

Good business: how do we make decisions that have an impact?

Ethical entrepreneur Bethan Vincent asks what does an “ethical” response to global issues look like for businesses large and small? Who, or what, gets to decide what is good and bad in this context? And most importantly, can we actually make a difference?

Bethan Vincent

Director at Bright Ethics, Marketing Manager at Bytemark


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