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Monday 2nd July 2018 by Rick Chadwick in 2018

DotYork is a one-day single-track conference that we split into four sessions. In each session, you’ll hear short talks from 4 speakers and have the opportunity to take part in discussions that centre around a single theme.

This year, our four sessions will be turning the spotlight on the work we all do and its impact on the world - and people - around us.


As we struggle to come to terms with how we present ourselves both on- and off-line in this ever connected world “identity” will mean something completely different to the next generation. Can we control how we’re presented on-line and in real life? More radically, should we be able to? And as the lines between public and private get increasingly blurred what impact is this having on us as individuals, and on our work life balance? Or is it all just about the #numbers?


Money is the root of all evil, right? Maybe, maybe not, but it’s certainly ludicrously unevenly distributed. Money - the pound in your pocket - is breaking up. As most of us run headlong into a cashless society others are turning away from our traditional currencies, towards cryptocurrencies or local schemes. The financial crisis of 2008 broke our trust in the system and in the banks - is there a better way? And how do we get the best out of it for ourselves?


This world wide web thing’s a bit complicated, isn’t it? For all the positive connections it enables there’s another angry voice amplified. And for every empowering leap forward there’s another group of us left behind. As we hand over ever more data to ever smarter machines what does that mean for politics and the distribution of power? And what does “free” even mean anymore? Free of charge? Free of obligation? Free from consequences? We’ll be asking who is free? Us, or the corporations that serve us?


Airbnb, Uber and Deliveroo are changing our cities, Facebook and Twitter are changing our politics, while manufacturers and retailers are changing the climate. Everything we do has an impact on the world around us; do we have a responsibility to ensure our actions are “good”? And who gets to define “good”, anyhow? Our speakers will address issues of sustainability, ethics and impact, asking what’s important in our work and our day to day lives.

Good eh? Tickets include access to all four sessions and are available now for just £99.

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