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Monday 2nd July 2018 by Rick Chadwick in 2018

We’re excited to say that we have a brand new venue for DotYork 2018.

This year, the conference will take place in York’s Museum Gardens—ten acres of botanical gardens located just by the river ouse and a short walk from York Rail Station.

Museum Gardens Abbey Ruins (c) @offmessage

So, is it outdoor then?

No. Inside these beautiful gardens are a number of old and beautiful buildings. We’ll be occupying the Tempest Anderson Hall, a 300-seat purpose built auditorium (formerly a cinema), attached to the Yorkshire Museum. It’s a stunning venue and we can’t wait for you to see it.

Inside the TA Hall

For our break-out space we have another little treat for you. Also in the gardens is the Hospitium—a 14th century listed building that’s going to make the perfect space for you to get to know each other (and our exhibitors) over a coffee and a lovely lunch.


How do you pick a venue?

At the end of every DotYork we do a debrief and figure out what worked, what didn’t and which things we’d like to improve. We liked last years venue and thought it worked well, but we also know that there were a few of you that didn’t agree. So we spent some time venue shopping to see if there was a good alternative.

Our shopping list is quite large. We need at least 200 comfortable seats; an accessible venue; a decent sized break-out space; the capacity for us to provide lunch; an unobstructed view of a screen and some character—we want you to feel like you’re in York, not stick you in a bland conference suite.

As I’m sure many of you know, York is small. That doesn’t leave you with many 200+ seat venues. When we add the extra criteria of ‘it must be in the city centre’ then that gives us five suitable venues. Over the past six months I’ve been to each of them to see what they had to offer.

The last venue we saw was the one we’ve chosen. We were introduced to it by York Mediale, who will be using the space for the other symposia taking place the week of DotYork.

Choosing a venue for DotYork has never been easy but we think you’ll love our venue(s) this year—who doesn’t want a tech conference overlooked by the ruins of an 11th century abbey anyway :)

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