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Money is the root of all evil, right? Maybe, maybe not, but it’s certainly ludicrously unevenly distributed. Money - the pound in your pocket - is breaking up. As most of us run headlong into a cashless society others are turning away from our traditional currencies, towards cryptocurrencies or local schemes. The financial crisis of 2008 broke our trust in the system and in the banks - is there a better way? And how do we get the best out of it for ourselves?


Building a Trusted Bank from Scratch

In 2014, Atom started making the UK’s first bank built exclusively for the smartphone era. Since launching 2 years ago, it is in the top 10 most innovative Fintech companies on the planet (KPMG) and has over £2bn of assets. Marketing manager Neil Costello will give us insight into not just Atom’s growth but how they’ve navigated a sector low in trust and high in expectation.

Neil Costello

Atom Bank

Hacking the Survival Brain

How do we make purchase decisions? How does that affect what we buy? And, how can you leverage that as a consumer, as a business owner and for your clients? Kenda Macdonald is an expert in behavioural automation and will focus on helping us understanding how this applies to all of us.

Kenda Macdonald

CEO, Automation Ninjas

How to Make a (Really Good) Local Currency

In this talk, Nic Hemley will give a whirlwind tour of some of the key facets of Bristol Pound, a local currency that can boast beautiful paper pounds, e-money transactions and business loans to boot.

Nic Hemley

Bristol Pound

The Secret of Time Travel and How it Leads to the End of the World, or, Why Global Financial Engineering with Cryptocurrencies Might be a Bad Idea

Back by popular demand, “internet veteran” Doug Winter will be returning to the DotYork stage to talk blockchain & crypto-currencies (in a useful way).

Doug Winter

Internet Veteran


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