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As we struggle to come to terms with how we present ourselves both on- and off-line in this ever connected world “identity” will mean something completely different to the next generation. Can we control how we’re presented on-line and in real life? More radically, should we be able to? And as the lines between public and private get increasingly blurred what impact is this having on us as individuals, and on our work life balance? Or is it all just about the #numbers?


Existing in Four Dimensions

“We increasingly prioritise digital identity and value the selfie, so it’s right we try to understand why, accept it, and look for positives.” - designer, Simon Collison wants everyone to reconnect with nature but gets frustrated with rhetoric around device addiction. He believes there’s much to be gained by collecting new digital experiences and being a part of multiple communities.

Simon Collison

Designer & Writer

The Dangers of Digital Exclusion

Digital exclusion is a reality for many people in the UK and across the world. But as less visible presences do they make it into our personas and user stories? Or are they left on the sidelines? Is the quest and drive for innovation alienating the very people we should be designing and building for? UX Consultant Helen Joy explains that it’s our responsibility to look out for all our users, not just those who can keep up with us.

Helen Joy

Independent UX consultant & designer

Tell Me a Little About Yourself

Web Developer Karen Fielding wants to explore the work vs. life argument, how your ‘work’ becomes how you present yourself to the world, and how your ‘life’ needs to be present in the workplace.

Karen Fielding

Web Developer


Spoken-word artist Isaiah Hull uses poetry as a means of expressing and exploring both local and global issues. At DotYork, he’ll be turning his attention to the topic of Identity, giving a short performance and joining in discussions with the rest of the panel.

Isaiah Hull

Modern Poet


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