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This world wide web thing’s a bit complicated, isn’t it? For all the positive connections it enables there’s another angry voice amplified. And for every empowering leap forward there’s another group of us left behind. As we hand over ever more data to ever smarter machines what does that mean for politics and the distribution of power? And what does “free” even mean anymore? Free of charge? Free of obligation? Free from consequences? We’ll be asking who is free? Us, or the corporations that serve us?


Why don’t we know who owns England?

Coder, writer and data analyst Anna Powell-Smith will be sharing the secrets of land ownership in England. With data, maps and a combination of the two Anna will detail her work with Private Eye to progress towards building England’s first full map of land ownership.

Anna Powell-Smith

Coder, writer, data analyst

Artificial Imaginations: Dreams and Delusions of AI

Science-fiction writer Matthew de Abaitua will be speaking on the imagination’s capacity to rationally plan and irrationally dream the future in SF and current trajectories in artificial intelligence.

Matthew De Abaitua


Tackling Misinformation in an Open Society

Tom Phillips is the Editor of the UK’s leading independent factchecking organisation, Full Fact. He’s here to talk about tackling misinformation, how the cure may be actuall worse than the disease and the part machine learning can play.

Tom Phillips

Journalist & Author

Making Good Design Actionable

You’d be hard-pressed to have a discussion around Internet of Things without mentioning Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino. Since 2014 she’s been consistently named as one of the top 100 thought-leaders and influencers on the subject. Alexandra is coming to DotYork to talk to you about start ups in the IoT space, the challenges they face and how she’s hoping the IoT mark can help.

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

Interaction designer, product designer & entrpreneur


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