DY2018 - Why Bother?

Thursday 13th September 2018 by Rick Chadwick in 2018

This could well be your last chance to join us at this year’s DotYork. Why bother?

The Talks

16 talks that’ll have you thinking differently about how you go about your work; make you curious about the world around you; and practical advice to help improve the impact that your work has on yourself and others.

For the practical:

  • Discover how we (and your customers) make purchase decisions. Helping you be clearer on how your (and your clients) products are perceived.
  • Learn what it means to be digitally excluded and how we can build products and services that are not just appealing, but life-changing.
  • Hear lessons from the edge of failure and how we can learn from those mistakes to help your business thrive.
  • Understand how to make good design decisions. How a community led effort is trying to help people make better designed products.

For the curious:

  • Who Owns England? Uncover one of the country’s oldest secrets using maps and data.
  • Discover how bad the problem of misinformation and “fake news” really is. Is the cure worse than the disease?
  • Hear stories from the crumbling edge of tech - where knowledge, expertise and technology is being lost at a rapid pace.
  • What is a local currency? and how do you go about making a good one?

That’s only half of the talks we’ve got for you this year. Have a look at our speaker page to see some more.

The Sessions

If you’ve been to DotYork in the past two years, you’ll know how our format works.

  • 4 sessions (all single-track, so you won’t miss a thing)
  • 4 speakers per session
  • Each speaker gives a 10-15 minute talk
  • The rest of the time is your opportunity to get involved in discussions ask questions as we dive deeper into the topics on offer.

This year, the sessions are

  • Identity - What’s the impact of your work on yourself and others?
  • Money - The root of all evil, right? Is there a better way?
  • Freedom - What does free even mean? And just who is free?
  • Survival - How to be a good business, but what does ‘good’ mean?

The People

We’ve already mentioned our line-up of 16 speakers, packed with a huge amount of experience, ready to share with you all in a few weeks time.

Then there’s Scott, our trusty host who’ll help you navigate the talks and ask the questions you’re not sure how to ask.

And of course, you. DotYork is a safe, honest and open space for discussion and learning. You’ll be welcomed by a couple of hundred friendly faces who, like the speakers, are willing to talk to you and share their stories, thoughts and experiences about working in this industry. Meet people, soak it up and make new friends.

The Venue

Yes, this is our fourth venue in five years but it has the potential to be the best yet. A purpose built auditorium for the talks and discussions, plus a really old building a hundred metres away where we’ll have registration & lunch - oh yes, lunch is included - as are plenty of refreshments throughout the day.

The Tickets

Ticket prices for DotYork haven’t been this low since our first year, and they are as low as we can make them. We’re only here to do something good for the city. If you all have a good time and we can manage to break-even then that’s a good-job done for us.

We have 40 spaces remaining for this year’s event and we’d love it if we can fill them all. If you’re coming, buy one now so you don’t miss out.

Tickets are just £99 and that includes access to all four sessions, lunch and refreshments, get yours below.

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