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Monday 16th July 2018 by Rick Chadwick in 2018

The fifth DotYork conference is now 80 days away, taking place on Thursday 4th October 2018, in York.

Here’s a recap of everything we’ve announced over the past two weeks.

TL;DR 300 people, 16 speakers, 4 sessions, 1 day. It’s going to be the best yet - register now for just £99.

What is it?

This year, DotYork is turning the spotlight on the work we do and its impact on the world - and people - around us. Our one-day conference is returning this Autumn for the fifth year as part of York Mediale - an exciting new festival celebrating art, digital and much more.


We split the day into four sessions, each lasting approx. 90 minutes. Each session will feature 4 speakers who’ll give a short talk. Our host Scott (returning for his fourth year), will facilitate discussion between you, your fellow audience members and our speakers around that session’s theme. Oh, and it’s all single-track, so you don’t have to miss a thing!


Four sessions, four themes. This year we’ll be covering:


As the lines between public and private get increasingly blurred, what impact is this having on us as individuals? Read more


The root of all evil, right? Maybe, maybe not. Is there a better way? And how do we get the best out of it for ourselves? Read more


What does ‘free’ even mean anymore? Free of charge? Free of obligation? Free from consequence? Read more


Everything we do has an impact on the world around us; do we have a responsibility to ensure our actions are “good”? And who gets to define “good”, anyhow? Read more

Who is it for?

DotYork is ideal for people working in digital & creative industries that like to think differently about who they are and what they do.

This isn’t a technical conference, there won’t be any code on screens or complex how-to’s. Instead, our talks will become talking points set to intrigue, inspire and challenge the way you think about your work.

We’ve stepped up our efforts to make DotYork a conference for everyone - accessible venues, live captioning, on-site childcare, free tickets and more.

Where is it taking place?

York! Specifically, York Museum Gardens - 10 acres of botanical gardens right by the river ouse and just a 10 minute walk from York Station.

Don’t worry, it won’t be outside. Inside the gardens are a 300-seat purpose built theatre and a 14th century listed building that we’ll be using for registration, breaks and lunch.

Who doesn’t want to consider the impact of their work on the future set in the ruins of an 11th century abbey!

Who’s speaking?

We’ll have 16 speakers on the day and we’ve announced 12 of them so far. We’re so excited for you to meet our speakers this year…

  • Matthew de Abaitua, a journalist & author whose most recent book is a memoir of his ‘withnailesque’ six months spent living with Will Self. More known for his Science Fiction works, Matthew will be exploring dreams and delusions of artificial intelligence.
  • Neil Costello, an award-winning head of marketing for Atom Bank. Atom is the UK’s first bank built exclusively for tablets and smartphones, widely recognised as one of the fastest growing banking start-ups in Europe. Neil will be explaining who Atom are, and why they’ve set their sights on disrupting the banking industry.
  • Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, a world renowned interaction designer, product designer and entrepreneur. Alex will be drawing from her recent experience of writing her first book ‘Smarter Homes - how technology has changed your home life’, and introducing us to the IoT Mark, a community project setup to help develop a free & accessible trustmark for Internet of Things.

Next up, we announced the five speakers we chose from our call for speakers process…

  • Kenda Macdonald, with a background in forensic psychology and expertise in behavioural automation, Kenda will be talking about how we make purchase decisions, how that affects what we buy and how we can utilise this understanding in our business and personal lives.
  • Helen Clark, an independent UX consultant and organiser of Women in Tech (Nottingham). Helen believes that its our responsibility to look our for all of our users, not just those who can keep up with us; her talk will look at what it means to be digital excluded and how we can start making changes.
  • Karen Fielding, senior back-end developer, ‘hobby-acquirer’ and advocate for diversity in the workplace. Karen will be exploring our work/life balance - not just in terms of workload but how your work becomes present in your life, and how your life needs to be part of your workplace.
  • Dominic Suttion works for Soundgas, a small business who restore and sell old music equipment. Instruments, synths and other objects that make ‘odd noises’, these are pieces of obsolete tech that were designed 40 or 50 years ago. Soundgas not only lovingly restore this stuff, they’re learning how they were made and how to get the best out of so they once again make some weird noises.
  • Bethan Vincent, a social entrepreneur and the head of marketing at Bytemark. Bethan is extremely passionate about understanding and utilising the power businesses have to be a force for good in our world and will be asking ‘how do we make decisions that have an impact?’

Four final four speakers (that we’ve announced so far) are:

  • Nic Hemley. Nic is currently the CTO of Bristol Pound - widely seen as the most successful local currency in the UK.
  • Isaiah Hull, a writer and performance poet from Old Trafford, Manchester. A BBC 1Xtra ‘Words First’ finalist, Isaiah uses poetry as a means of expressing and exploring local and global issues.
  • Tom Phillips, journalist and auhor. Tom is the editor of Full Fact, the UK‘s independent factchecking charity. Before that he was Editorial Director at Buzzfeed UK and has just written his first book ‘Humans: a brief history of how we fcked it all up’. Tom will be joining us to share his experience of all of that as part of our session on Freedom.
  • Anna Powell-Smith. Anna is the chief product officer at Flourish, an award-winning data studio that helps organisations to visualise and tell stories with data.

Look out for the final speaker announcement, coming in the next few weeks.

Where can I get tickets?

Tickets are only £99 for all of this (and more)—can you beleive that?!

That’s £99 for access to all four sessions, talks from sixteen different speakers on topics that affect your business and personal lives every day. Your ticket also includes a light breakfast, lunch and refreshments throughout the day. Oh, and a goodie bag, let’s not forget about that.

Register Now

~50% of tickets have gone already, you don’t want to miss out.

What’s next?

We’ve still got a few things to tell you but we’re keeping them up our sleeve for now while we add some finishing touches. Look our for an announcement here, and subscribe to our newsletter (below) to be the first to find out.

Tell your friends

We beleive that DotYork is best enjoyed with company. Sure, you’re going to meet some lovely new people and some of those will become friends for years to come but, why not bring an old friend/current colleague/ex-colleague along too. DotYork is one of those shared experiences that you’ll want to talk about long after the day has come to a close.

We’re on:

Find us, follow us, share our messages and help make this years DotYork the best yet!

Why are we doing this?

DotYork is organised by Rick Chadwick and supported by Isotoma and Bytemark. In short, we do this because you (and York) deserve it. We love DotYork, find the talks interesting and love meeting you all.

We’re not in this for the money. We do what we can to make tickets as affordable as possible and our only financial goal is to break-even. If it looks like we’re going to make some money, that just means we can add more value for you.

How can I get involved?

  1. Buy a ticket (£99 gets you full access)
  2. Tell your friends (sharing is caring)
  3. Consider sponsoring the event (it’s cheaper than you think - email us for info).

Thanks so much for your support, we look forward to seeing you in October.

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