Bytemark: Why DotYork?

Tuesday 24th July 2018 by Matthew Bloch in 2018

Hello 👋 Matthew Bloch here, co-founder and Managing Director of Bytemark.

I moved to York in 2001 with my old friend Peter Taphouse, and frankly - we were looking for something to do. Bytemark was the consulting business we’d started in 2002, but we were much more interested in this cloud hosting thing that seemed to taking over.

Matthew (left) and Peter (right)

We started on hosting in 2003, we promoted Bytemark around UK tech conferences; some were as close as Leeds! As we built up our services and our business over the next 10 years, we rented data centre space in London & Manchester. York felt like an pleasant outpost for a company like ours, a place full of English history & tea shops, not a growing tech scene. We had to leave it all the time – to promote and to build our physical infrastructure.

But in 2013, Bytemark finally bought its own data centre in the city. We started to concentrate our servers, staff and development of our cloud hosting in York. We started to proudly integrate York into our own company’s identity.

Bytemark Data Centre

When DotYork arrived in 2014, it had 7 speakers and 200 delegates. It was hosted in York’s much-loved independent cinema. And I was really happy to put Bytemark behind it, as its first sponsor. It seemed to be an acknowledgment of the York tech scene that we’d only seen in glimpses. Before DotYork everyone seemed too busy travelling to London to really understand York as a first-class community. But DotYork made us stop and look: at the designers, marketers, software professionals and product companies like ours, all based in in the city. DotYork wanted to forge a new identity for York, and Bytemark was proud to be part of that.

It’s been over 4 years since that first conference and and I’m pleased to announce that Bytemark has become a permanent sponsor to DotYork.

We’re here for the speakers, the companies and freelancers who call York their home, and to meet the best of the UK & global tech scene who make York their base for 24hrs. Please join us on October 4th for a conference that brings the best of the global tech scene to York, and sends the best of York out into the world.

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