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Monday 9th July 2018 by Matthew Bloch in 2018

This year we’ve stepped up our efforts to bring DotYork to a wider audience. Conferences are often difficult to attend, and we’ve tried to make sure that DotYork is something that you (yes you!) can enjoy with minimal advance planning.

Our beautiful venues are easily accessible if you use a wheelchair. The two buildings are linked with gently-sloping paths and have ramped entrances. The front row of seats in the hall will be reserved for the anyone that needs them.

For the first time, all our talks and sessions will feature live captioning on a big screen.

We’re providing child care on-site for £45 per child from 8am to 6m. Your children will be with the lovely carers at Bright Beginnings. During the day they’ll get a tour round the fantastic Yorkshire’s Jurassic World exhibition, hosted in the museum, only a couple of minutes away from the talks. Your children can join you for lunch, and we’ve got a variety of other activities planned around the beautiful museum gardens.

Our caterers are bringing vegan & gluten-free option that you won’t need to book.

Service dogs are welcome in both the main hall, and the Hospitium where lunch is served.

We’ll have at least one chill-out room in the main hall so you can step out into a quiet space when you need to.

And finally, as we already announced, if you’re struggling to pay for a ticket, for any reason at all, we’ve got some free-of-charge community tickets that you can register for, no questions asked.

We’ve got a lot to say about conduct and safety while you’re away from home - we’ll make absolutely sure you have a joyous and safe time while you’re visiting York. But we’ll write more about that soon.

For now, we really do want you there! Our full accessibility statement is on the web site, and we hope it gives you confidence just to book and enjoy DotYork.

But if you’re worried we’ve missed something, or want to make sure a particular risk is covered off for you, drop us an email at [email protected]. We will make absolutely sure our logistics are right for you.

If you need child care on the day, please head to where you can request places for your children.

Thanks, and see you in October!

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