WATCH: User Experience and Needs

Wednesday 22nd November 2017 by Rick Chadwick in 2017

Videos for the first session of Dot York 2017 are now available for you to watch online, for free!

Insight Driven Design

Head of UX at Beauty Bay, Llara Geddes gives insight into how you can make sure the work you do is driven by both user and business needs.

Design for the Developing World

Designer, Zarino Zappia looks at the work mySociety does in civic technology and provides tips on how you can make improvements to benefit all your users.

Who Needs Dashboards?

Jessica White uses an example of a biscuit factory to explain four different types of dashboard, what information they might contain, who might need them and how they can work together.

Products Come and Go but Needs Never Change

Head of Product at Co-op, Adam Warbuton encourages you to take a sideways look at your products and services and ask ‘why?’ to discover the fundamental need they are addressing.

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