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Tuesday 24th October 2017 by Rick Chadwick in 2017

On Thursday 9th November, we’re bringing together 250 of the brightest and most curious minds working with technology, people just like you.

If you’re on the fence, or need a hand convincing your boss, here are some of the key reasons to attend Dot York this year.

What will I get from attending Dot York?

  • Learn from the experience of experts. Hear lessons that they’ll pass on to you, ready for you to put into action as soon as you get back to the office.
  • Real, honest speakers. We don’t book speakers because of their names, we bring you passionate, experienced professionals who deal with real problems working in our industry, just like you.
  • Participate in discussions (optionally). Our speakers don’t just stand there and talk at you all day. We mix short talks with panel sessions where you can ask questions, share your experience and get involved in discussions. Don’t be shy, we’re all friends.
  • No code or technology-specific talks. Dot York is code-free, meaning all talks will be accessible and relevant, whatever your role.
  • Expand your network. Dot York is Yorkshire’s Digital Conference. if you work in digital in/around Yorkshire then you simply need to come to Dot York, meet some people and be part of our community.
  • Pique your curiosity & learn to think differently. With 16 short talks from a wide range of speakers, we’re guaranteed to cover ideas & topics that are new to you. Embrace them.
  • Share your problems, get some answers. We all face similar problems in our industry & you’ll be spending the day with 250 people who have been there. Take the time to meet people, share your problems and use our collective experience to help solve some of your issues.
  • Have an amazing lunch. For the first time, Dot York includes lunch from one of York’s finest independent street-food caterers. Plus, tea/coffee/water are all included in the ticket price too.

What will be covered at Dot York?

User experience and Needs

  • Learn how to prioritise user needs to provide a better experience from your products & services. Bottom line: better experience = happier customers = higher levels of engagement, increased retention & more sales.
  • Hear what it’s like designing for customers in the developing world. 54% of adults in developing countries use the internet and often, they can have a very different set of needs from other users. Find out what those needs are and how you can start making your sites more accessible.
  • Learn the jobs-to-be-done technique and how it can help you become great at creating and selling products that people will buy.
  • Speaker include Adam Warbuton (Head of Product, Co-op Digital), Jessica White (Software Developer), Llara Geddes (Head of UX, Beauty Bay) and Zarino Zappia (Designer, mySociety).

Business Before Lunch

  • Jacqueline Whitehart shares her tips and tricks on getting started with publishing as she explains how she sold over 100,000 copies without a publisher.
  • Learn how to demonstrate the value of design and help your business stay focussed, drive change and deliver excellence.
  • Hear how any business can innovate—with a little energy and a passion for change.
  • Speakers include Paul Connell (Founder, ODI Leeds), Caolan McMahon (Freelance Developer), Jacqueline Whitehart (Writer) and Ian Worley (Digital Product Strategist).

Building Better Teams

  • Discover how remote teams can be super-effective to help improve company culture & staff engagement and drive innovation.
  • Explore the world of collectives and the benefts of bringing people together as equals to foster creativity and help make new things.
  • Learn how to fix your own skill shortages with a case study on how Sky are developing new talent.
  • Speakers include David Thompson (Web Services Director, Raspberry Pi Foundation), Hannah Nicklin (Freelance Games Writer), Tamara Littleton (CEO, The Social Element) and Natasha Sayce-Zelem (Head of Technology, Sky).

Being Human

  • Increase your productivity by learning how to create a viable morning routine.
  • Learn how empathy is a skill you can (and should) master to improve your personal and professional lives.
  • Explore your relationship with technology and how to take back control.
  • Speakers include Natalie Kane (Curator of Digital Design, Victoria & Albert Museum), Sarah Semark (Developer, Automattic), Rachel Liu (UX Lead, Pearson Education), Tejay White (Product Owner, Tribal).

What do tickets include?

  • Your conference pass gets you access to all four sessions. Dot York is a single-track conference so you won’t have to miss a thing.
  • An amazing lunch from one of York’s best independent caterers is included in the ticket price. Plus, that gives you an extra hour to meet our exhibitors and make new friends.
  • Speaking of exhibitors, we have 5 brilliant companies setting up stall at Dot York—ready to talk to you about their products & services, employment opportunities and handing out a bit of swag.
  • Oh, you’ll also get coffee on arrival and during breaks (tea and water also available, all for free).
  • All talks will be recorded and you’ll be the first to know when they’re available for you to watch.

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