Final Line-Up, Schedule & Sessions

Tuesday 10th October 2017 by Rick Chadwick in 2017

The speakers are confirmed, the talks are in and the schedule is sorted. Here’s what we’ve got in store for you at Dot York 2017.

User Experience and Needs

  • Products Come and Go but Needs Never Change - Adam Warbuton (Head of Product, Co-op Digital)
  • Who Needs Dashboards? - Jessica White (Software Developer)
  • Insight Driven Design - Llara Geddes (Head of UX, Beauty Bay)
  • Design for the Developing World - Zarino Zappia (Designer, mySociety)

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Business Before Lunch

  • Inventing with Open Data - Paul Connell (Founder, ODI Leeds)
  • What are Single Page Applications for? - Caolan McMahon (Freelance Developer)
  • How to Publish a Book and Sell 100k Copies Without a Publisher - Jacqueline Whitehart (Best-selling author)
  • UX in the Enterprise - Lessons from the Front-Line - Ian Worley (Digital Product Strategist)

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Building Better Teams

  • Driving Innovation and Managing Culture in Remote Teams - Tamara Littleton (CEO, The Social Element)
  • Klondike: Lessons from a French Game Design Collective - Hannah Nicklin (Freelance Games Writer, Designer and Producer)
  • Pipeline: Tackling Skill Shortages and Developing Talent - Natasha Sayce-Zelem (Head of Technology, Sky)
  • Fixing Agile: Using Data to Measure Impact - David Thompson (Web Services Director, Raspberry Pi Foundation)

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Being Human

  • Empathy for Introverts - Sarah Semark (Designer/developer, Automattic)
  • How to Win at Mornings - Tejay White (Product Owner, Tribal)
  • Haunted Machines/Wicked Problems - Natalie Kane (Curator of Digital Design, V&A Museum)
  • How Cultural Shock Made Me a Better Designer and Lifelong Learner - Rachel Liu (UX Lead, Pearson Education)

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Exciting, no?! Get yourself a ticket in October and save £30 off the full price. Tickets include access to all four session, refreshments and lunch.

Don’t forget. Our after-party is tickets only so if you want to meet the speakers and enjoy some food, drink and entertainment together once the conference ends, be sure to pick up a ticket (they are £10 and can be exchanged for a food/drink voucher on the day).

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