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Wednesday 20th December 2017 by Rick Chadwick in 2017

Firstly, thanks to everyone that took the time to complete the survey. We kept it short (actually removing over half of the questions from our first draft) but we still appreciate you taking the time. Your answers will 100% help to shape what we do in the future.

You can read about who came to Dot York 2017 and who spoke in the respective blog posts but for this survey we had 50 responses (from 180 attendees).


How satsfied were you with Dot York 2017 = 4/5

78% found Dot York to be good value for money, however they noted that it could’ve been improved by a little more focus between the content of the session and/or by offering multiple tracks/days with different focuses (so they could dip in and out).

88% thought that the event represented York well:

Dot York has always been a very welcoming environment, just like the city itself

(Dot York) shows there is more to the city than the past. The city could do more to shout about it!

(Dot York) proves that York has a burgeoning tech scene with enough people to fill an event like this.

92% answered that they would attend Dot York again

Talk Content and Speakers

What is your opinion on the quality of speakers? = 4/5

80% found the content of talks to be relevant, those that didn’t suggsted the following reasons:

  • Not enough focus in the sessions - themes were unclear
  • Too many talks from ‘large’ businesses, not enough from small businesses
  • Talks were overly technical
  • Talks were not technical enough
  • Talks were too short
  • Would have like to have seen more ‘headline’ speakers

However, 60% of those that said no to finding the talks relevant, still commented that they found them to be interesting, despite not being directly relevant.

64% thought the event had a good amount of speakers. 36% thought there were too many.

63% thought the length of talk was just right. 37% didn’t think they were long enough.

94% found the panel discusseisons to be valuable in some way. Only 6% found them to be unhelpful

Evening Event

~50% of people who attended the conference came to Brew York for our evening event.

Those that didn’t attend were largely due to other engagements, family commitments and having to get the train/drive home from York.

Of those that did attend, we asked what could we have improved on:

Could have done more to cater for non-drinkers.

An activity to encourage people to mix

Something to break the ice

Addtional Comments

The survey had a couple of free-text boxes where participants were asked to explain their answer or provide additional comments. This was the feedback from those sections.

The Format

65% of people had a comment about the format. Of those…

  • 40% just wanted to say they liked the format
  • 19% commented on how good a job they thought our host, Scott, did
  • 19% felt that the speakers should have had more time
  • 13% had comments about the q&a (not enough audience participation)
  • 8% wished for a ‘headline’ speaker

The Venue

49% of people commented about the venue. Of those…

  • 30% said how much they liked the venue
  • 38% found the seats too uncomfortable
  • 12% thought it was too cold
  • 12% had restricted views of the stage during panel discussions
  • 7% thought the break-out area could’ve been improved with more seating options

The Food

30% of people commented about the food. Of those…

  • 57% said how good it was
  • 34% thought that the lunch queue was too long
  • 9% wished there was more food available throughout the day

Our thoughts

We’re still very much in early-days planning for Dot York 2018 however we are already considering how we can make improvements based on this feedback.

Content and Speakers

After every Dot York, we have comments about the event being too technical and not technical enough. Dot York isn’t and has never really been a technical conference and that’s going to continue in the future. 92% of people who responded found the talks to be relevant and/or interesting, we think that’s a clear indication that (broadly-speaking) we’re covering the right kinds of things.

However, we do acknowledge that one or two of the sessions could have been tighter in their focus and have more appropriate titles (we know that a few freelancers skipped the first session after lunch because they thought ‘building better teams’ didn’t apply to them—when actually, the session covered much more than that and they’d have probbaly benefited from attending).

The Format

We’re also going to get together and consider the format a little more. The format is a little experimental (this is just the second time we’ve done it) and we’re always looking for ways we can improve it. The fact that 94% found the panel discussions to be valuable is very encouraging that we’re on the right path, we do perhaps need to look at the balance between length of talks & discussions and how to get you as the audience more involved in those discussions.

The Venue

It’s not without it’s flaws but overally we thought that this was the best venue yet for Dot York. The break-out space being the stand-out reason. York is small and doesn’t offer a lot of options for events of this size. It was really important to us that we could offer a better (bigger) break-out space than the Grand Opera House and provide lunch—not just for nurishment but to give you an opportunity to stay in the same place and get to know each other more.

We clearly need to give it more thought though. 1 in 4 people who responded to the survey found the venue to be in some way unsuitable and that’s not to be ignored. Watch this space as we start planning Dot York 2018.

The Food

Smokin Blues did a brilliant job but the food delivery system needs much refinement. A 40 minute queue for food is far from ideal and really, unacceptable. It was our first-shot at food and we know we can do better. Also, we’ll make sure there’s more food served throughout the day to keep you going!

What Next?

That’s it (for now) from our series of Dot York 2017 ‘in-review’ articles (you can find links to others on this page). We’ve also been busy editing all of the videos and are pleased to say that they are recordings of all talks are available for you to watch now, for free!

We’re going to take a couple of weeks off over Christmas and then we’ll be back in January with some exciting news.

Thanks for all of your support for Dot York 2017.

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